Dental Management Specialists

With forward thinking always a priority, we make sure your practice has the management support it needs to operate with efficiency, and quality. Our management services are designed to help you grow, scale, and realize your clinics full potential.

Let's get you back to dentistry

Whether you’re tired with the challlenges of operating a business, or just looking to accelerate your growth; Amity Management offers benefits for clinics at any stage of development.

Increase Efficiency

Whether you're tired with the challlenges of operating a business, or just looking to accelerate your growth; Amity Management offers benefits for clinics at any stage of development.

Reduce Overhead

Outsourcing management support also allows you to increase productivity and efficiency so you are able to focus on what you do best -- Dentistry.

Expert Support

You have a team of management experts – not just one – available to help resolve your every day concerns, no matter how big or small.

Our Solutions

Amity Management offers solutions in all 4 critical pillars of business development. Backed by a team with years of experience, ready to support you and enable growth.


With every successful practice comes a strong operational foundation. Receive day-to-day support on any and all operational tasks.


Take your mind off the books and leverage our professional Bookkeeping & Financial Support Team. Ensure year end completion is accurate and timely.


Identify your target market and differentiate your dental practice from the other clinics with our specialized Dental Marketing solutions.

Human Resources

Our Human Resource & Payroll team can take the edge off of hiring and maintaining a workforce while ensuring all critical paperwork is signed and compliant.

Our Process

Each practice receives our advisors to serve as your strategic consultant. We provide personalized assistance and advice to help you understand your financial trends and performance. Our proven process increases production and collections, while strengthening the bottom line for providers.

Practice Assessment

A practice assessment enables us to accurately determine your offices strengths and opportunities.


Staff Training

Amity Management will cover any gaps in staff knowledge and on-board new staff hires.


Production & Collection

Increase production and collection by leveraging data. Continuous monitoring and observation.


Monthly KPI Reports

Our implementation of Monthly KPI Reporting allows you to have ongoing oversight and awareness on all aspects of your practice.


A/R Monitoring

Constant awareness of Accounts Receivables reduces the likelihood of bad debt and lost revenue.


Monitoring Payables

By monitoring all payables, we can help ensure the practice stays in good standing with vendors and suppliers.


Payroll & Annual Audits

We oversee that all payroll and audits are completed in a timely manner in accordance with regulations.


IPAC, Health & Safety

IPAC as well as Health & Safety can be hurdles to navigate. Take advantage of having a Certified Health & Safety rep on hand to assist with ongoing compliance.


Social Media Monitoring

Increasing your brand awareness can have a direct impact on new patients and referrals.

Our Team

Jas Dhami

Chief Executive Officer

David Johanis

Chief Financial Officer


O'Shani Rerrie

Chief Operating Officer


Sarah Keller

Operations Manager

Angeline Soni

Director of Training & Development


Shan Dhami

Director of Communications & Marketing

Tanya Gupta

Marketing Specialist

Human Resources

Fraser Zerebecki

Director of HR

Nilesh Rajput

HR Generalist


Debbie Dumagat

Head of Payroll

A smiling woman.

Mariecris Macatiguib

Payroll Administrator


Liana Camacho

Financial Officer

Pancho Cabrera

Head Bookkeeper

Darwin Lovitos


Bina Patel



Channing Yeh

Logistics Coordinator

Executive Assistant

Shannon Shea