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Why Choose an Amity Group Dental Office?

Our Purpose:  Excellence

Our Strength:   Professionals

The traditional dental office was centered around a single dentist, usually working with a chairside assistant; a receptionist, or secretary/office manager; and often a single hygienist.

That traditional model is no longer suited to today.  Now there are so many new rules and regulations that are in place to ensure that dental offices are safe places; that instruments are carefully cleaned, sterilized, and stored properly; that x-ray equipment and sterilizing equipment are checked daily for proper function. And that’s just the beginning.


The Amity Group of Dental Offices provides two important and valuable benefits for its professionals, which are extraordinary advantages that lead to Excellence.

Continuing Education:  The role of a professional is to be a perpetual student. In Dentistry, there is always something new: a new product, a new device, a new concept, a new technique, a new technology.   Keeping up with the latest, and with what is really beneficial, is a challenge. The Amity team shares knowledge among all its dentists, hygienists, assistants, and office managers. There are monthly continuing education sessions to keep everyone abreast of the latest knowledge in every one of those fields.

Mentorship:  Our senior dentists provide ongoing mentorship. They share their years of experience, knowledge, insights, innovation, and wisdom on a regular basis with all the other dentists in our Group.


What does this mean to patients?

This means that no matter what dental problem a patient may bring to us, we have team members who have so much experience, who have seen practically every imaginable problem, that they can provide guidance to the dentist that is providing the hands-on treatment. And, our senior dentists are available to assist with patient treatment that might, otherwise, need to be referred-out.

None of our dentists is ever “alone”; our mentors and our entire team provide support, guidance, and hands-on help.

It is with confidence that we can say: Patients are secure, well-treated and well cared-for, in a dental office under the Amity banner. A visit to one of our dental offices is always a pleasant experience.

There is no refuting the fact that people who visit a dentist on a regular basis to have a thorough professional tooth-cleaning are able to enjoy the benefit of a winning smile, healthy teeth and gums, and overall good physical health.

No matter what condition you think your teeth may be in right now; don’t let apprehension or embarrassment prevent you from coming to us for a complete checkup examination, and cleaning at one of our offices.  You will be pleasantly amazed at what our dental professionals can do for you.


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