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Dental Implants In Contemporary Restorative Dentistry

It is a well-established principle of Dentistry, that unless there is no other option, teeth should not be extracted. But, except for teeth removed for orthodontic reasons, if a tooth needs to be extracted, it should be replaced – one way or another – as soon as possible. Also, most of the time, missing teeth […]

Why Should Anyone Visit A Dentist?

When people play sports, or work around the house, or do practically anything else, and they injure themselves, most of the time they know about it right away, because something hurts. If we even just scrape our shinbone against a coffee-table, it will hurt us even before we see any evidence of the injury. That’s […]

Ilderton Family Dental Study

On November 4th , 2019, Jonathan Sanderson and Hesham Sherghin, Dentists and co-owners of Ilderton Family Dental received news from the Municipality of Middlesex that they will not grant a permit to expand their existing dental office. The proposed office expansion falls within proximity of a road widening allowance on the office property. The owners […]

Why Choose an Amity Group Dental Office?

Our Purpose:  Excellence Our Strength:   Professionals The traditional dental office was centered around a single dentist, usually working with a chairside assistant; a receptionist, or secretary/office manager; and often a single hygienist. That traditional model is no longer suited to today.  Now there are so many new rules and regulations that are in place to […]